The Sleep-Deprived Teen: Now Available for Pre-Order

Teenagers are overloaded, strapped for time, and often asked to wake far earlier than they should because of school start times. It’s no surprise they’re sleep-deprived as a result, with far-reaching consequences.

Friend of Let’s Sleep! and parenting journalist Lisa L. Lewis, who helped spark the first law in the nation requiring healthy school start times for adolescents, has written a reader-friendly book for parents who want to help their exhausted teens. In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, Lewis synthesizes the research to provide parents of teens and tweens with reader-friendly information and strategies.

Well-rested teens are happier and healthier and do better in school. They’re more emotionally resilient. And they’re easier to live with! In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, Lewis provides parents with the roadmap to more (and better) sleep for their teens – and perhaps even for themselves.

The book will be released in June 2022, but in the meantime you can pre-order it or sign up for Lisa’s fabulous newsletter that offers lots of great information on how to support your teen in getting better sleep. 

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